In general

Aqueous dispersion of organosilicon compounds to impregnate and protect wooden surfaces from stains, moisture and UV radiation.
It maintains almost unchanged the original appearance and smell of the wood, preventing the entry of water and oily substances.

Indented Use

The product is suitable for:

  • Wooden objects and facades of buildings lined with wood,
  • Wooden surfaces damaged by the weather conditions,
  • Wooden roofs and stairs (internal and external),
  • Wooden floors (natural or artificial)
  • Wooden furniture and garden furniture
  • House railings,
  • Decks vessels etc.


SpecificationsEN maxilaraki rep wood

  • Appearance:    Transparent
  • Odour:            Almost odourless
  • Density:          Approx. 1.0 kg / lt.



On average 150 gr per square meter(m2) depending on the porosity and the kind of the substrate.


Available in packages of 500ml and 1lt, as well as in larger cans upon request.


Shelf life and storage

Since the product is not exposed to direct sunlight and it is stored at temperatures between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius, it can be retained in its unopened packaging for 12 months since the production date.



  • The surfaces to be treated must be clean from dust, grease and various residues. So carefully cleaning and sanding, when necessary, is recommended.
  • The surface must be dry and not have much moisture     inside before applying the product.
  • The most appropriate method of application on large surfaces is spraying with High Volume Low-Pressure equipment (HVLP).  However, conventional methods such as roller, spray or dipping can be used. It is very important that the equipment is clean and dry without any residual material from a previous use. The final result does not differ in relation to the method of application, but in case of mechanical spray gun, there are savings on material and time as well.
  • In the first application, you must use enough quantity until the surface looks wet. In the repeat application (optional), which can be applied before the first application is dried, the quantity used is significantly less.
  • It is recommended to do a small test patch prior to application (e.g. in a corner) to check the behavior of the material.
  • The application should be made at room temperature, between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius



  • Possible change in appearance and texture of the surface should be negligible
  • Breathing, the main property of wood, is maintained.
  • Since the coatings are resistant to UV radiation, their function is  guaranteed for long periods, up to 3 years.
  • In cases of corroded and damaged surfaces a recovery process must precede and you must remove the residues of old damaged wood - paint - varnish, before applying the material.


Tests and measurements

Water absorption after 24h contact with water *

  • Reference                              31,5 %
  • Treaded with rep® Wood        11,5 %

٭ The measurements were carried out in N.C.S.R. ‘DEMOKRITOS’


The products of  NanoWin Ltd. are registered in the General Laboratory of the Greek State and in addition, they have undergone inspection & testing by:

    * Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks   (formerly Ministry of Enviroment,Physical Plannig and Public Works )    (By the Directories of Technical Material Testing)





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