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Aqueous emulsion of organosilicon compounds for water tightness of the mass of cementitious mortar. The active ingredients of the emulsion react with the cement grains used in the preparation of mortar or concrete, creating a hydrophobic final mass.

The final product (grouts, concrete, plaster) does not  allow passage of water through capillary absorption. Thus it’s suitable for prevention of rising damp or negative water pressure, especially in new buildings.


Indented UseEN maxilaraki add

The product is suitable for:

  • Mortar (mud) for brick or stone masonry
  • Mortar products such as cement blocks, paving,        curbs, concrete blocks etc.
  • Mortar (mud) for plaster, and cementitious coatings
  • Concrete, especially for basement walls
  • Mortar for tile grout


  • Appearance:    Milky
  • Odour:            Slightly characteristic odour
  • Density:          Approx. 1kg/lt.


One liter of product for 50 kg of cement (1 bag).



Available in packages of 1lt & 5lt. as well as in larger cans upon request.


Shelf life and storage

Since the product is not exposed to direct sunlight and it is stored at temperatures between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius, it can be retained in its unopened packaging for 12 months since the production date


This product is incorporated into the mortar during the stage of addition of water. More specifically, the addition of MprooF® add is made to the initial quantity of water in order to mix with aggregates of mortar and cement in particular. A very good stirring of the entire mixture follows in order to have  a full dispersion MprooF® add, in all the mass of the final product, (mud)


  • Does not affect the water varour permeability (breath), of the final element, (grouts, concrete, plaster etc.). So this retains the breathability and the potential trapped moisture is not prevented to escape  as a vapor.
  • Since MprooF® add works within the structure is not affected by UV radiation and by environmental factors. Thus the resulting hydrophobicity is permanent.
  • Hairline cracks up to 0,3 mm obtained after drying of the mortar does not permit the passage of water. For larger cracks, which arise during construction (for reasons not related to the addition of MprooF® add), should be followed recovery process by conventional methods.



The products of  NanoWin Ltd. are registered in the General Laboratory of the Greek State and in addition, they have undergone inspection & testing by:

    * Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks   (formerly Ministry of Enviroment,Physical Plannig and Public Works )    (By the Directories of Technical Material Testing)





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