Our Company: NanoWin Ltd., the over thirty-years experience in design and construction of small and large technical projects, under the constant supervision and advice of experienced engineers and technicians, after agreement, it can, using the NANOTECHNOLOGY'S materials, that it produces, undertake all these coatings works with the real active materials, giving them characteristics and clearly upgraded value.

The coatings with our materials, are simultaneously:

a) contributory as they reduce the cost of cleaning and maintenance, while they maintain the original appearance of the surface,

b) ecological and "green" energetic -as we have savings than others, and in natural resources (water), or in some cases, purification of the atmosphere from gaseous pollutants, and while

c) innovative, since most surfaces coated maintain transpiration in full.

All our materials are: innovative, ecological, energy and "smart", completely harmless and are accompanied by all necessary documents and certificates.


1. Coatings for easy cleaning and waterproofing

2. Coatings for water insulation - sealing

3. Coatings for photocatalysis, self-cleaning

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