Product description

This is a water based product, designed to to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the textile and leather pets objects. Without changing the original appearance of the leather or fabric surface makes it waterproof and very resistant against dirt and water. The risk of damage by impurities of pets and also dirt from coffee, soft drink, oil, food, etc. is minimized since such pollutants are not absorbed by the treated surfaces. The stain can be removed with an absorbent cloth or paper, leaving the leather or fabric surface, intact and unaltered. The benefit relates not only to the pets but their owners as well, as they are not exposed permanent to pathogens. Moreover the areas retain their original appearance since the formation of unwanted stains from the impurities is prevented.


Indented use

The product is suitable for:

  • Pet baskets
  • Leather or textile furniture
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Mats and small animal accessories from textile




  • The surfaces to be treated must be clean from dust, grease and various residues. So carefully cleaning is recommended. Common cleaning products can be used with following very good rinsing. The surface must be dry before applying the product
  • At first, apply a quantity of material, until the surface looks wet. The repetitive passage (optional), can be done before the first dry. In leathers should follow a uniform spreading of the material with a soft - absorbent cloth. until fully absorbed
  • It is recommended to do a small test patch prior to application (e.g. in a corner) to check the compatibility with the substrate.
  • The waterproofing and therefore the protection begins once the surface dries and stabilizes completely after 24 hours.
  • During application, the temperature should range between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius



On average 150 gr. per square meter (m2) depending on the absorbency and the kind of the substrate, as well as the application of the product.



  • Appearance:  Transparent
  • Odour:          Odourless
  • Density:          1kg/lt.



Available in packages of 200ml and 1lt.


Shelf life and storage

Since the product is not exposed to direct sunlight and it is stored at temperatures between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius, it can be retained in its unopened packaging for 12 months since the production date.



  • This product is not a detergent.
  • A renewal application every 12 to 24 months or so is recommended, depending on usage and stress conditions of the vehicle
  • The surfaces that treated with easy ® pet T-L retain their original appearance.
  • The odors avoided because the surfaces are not impregnated by dirt.
  • The treated objects are hand and even machine washable, without losing the protection of waterproofing
  • The product is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment.


The products of  NanoWin Ltd. are registered in the General Laboratory of the Greek State and in addition, they have undergone inspection & testing by:

    * Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks   (formerly Ministry of Enviroment,Physical Plannig and Public Works )    (By the Directories of Technical Material Testing)





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