In general

Aqueous dispersion of titanium dioxide particles for creating ultrathin - invisible coatings for syrfaces of concrete, mortar, cement, etc. The surfaces treated with photoclean® C-S exhibit self-cleaning properties while under the influence of day-light they become super hydrophilic. At the same time, the surfaces are protected from UV radiation.


Indented Use

The product is suitable for:

  • Concrete,
  • Plaster,
  • Cement products such as:
    • Cobblestones & curbstones
    • Concrete pavings etc.
    • pavings, etc.
  • Stamped & industrial flooring



(after mixing the ingredients)

  • Appearance:  Almost transparent, whitish liquid
  • Odour:          Odourless
  • Density:        approx. 1, 02kg/lt.



On average 250 gr. per square meter (m2) depending on the porosity and the kind of the substrate.


Available in packages of 500 ml and 1000 ml as well as in larger cans upon request.

The quantities are referred to the resulting material after mixing.


Shelf life and storage

Since the product is not exposed to direct sunlight and it is stored at temperatures between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius, it can be retained in its unopened packaging for 12 months since the production date. After the opening and the mixing of the infredients, the product must be consumed within 15 to 20 days.



  • The packaging of photoclean® C-S, consists of two components. Before using, pour the small vial in the larger bottle and agitate thoroughly the contents. The resulting material is now ready for use.
  • Τhe surfaces to be treated must be clean from dust, grease and various residues. So carefully cleaning and sanding (in some cases) is recommended, while removing debris. Common cleaning products can be used, with very good rinsing.     The surface must be dry before applying the product
  • The most appropriate method of application on large surfaces is spraying with High Volume Low-Pressure equipment (HVLP).  However, conventional methods such as roller, spray or dipping can be used. It is very important that the equipment is clean and dry without any residual material from a previous use.  For smaller surfaces the material can be sprayed through its own bottle. Apply enough quantity of the material until the surfaces are impregnated.
  • If necessary, a second coating can be done after the first is  dried.
  • The surface should be allowed to dry at ambient temperature. It is good to be kept dry for a week, then the coating will be fully stabilized.
  • The product should be shaken periodically during its use.


In dark substrates a color change is caused. Therefore, it is necessary to do a small test patch to determine if the change is within acceptable levels.



  • The surfaces that have been treated with photoclean® C-S, have the ability to purify the ambient air from a variety of pollutants and microorganisms.
  • The coatings are resistant to UV radiation (actually absorb part of it to work), so the stability of the coating is guaranteed for long periods, up to 15 years.



The products of  NanoWin Ltd. are registered in the General Laboratory of the Greek State and in addition, they have undergone inspection & testing by:

    * Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks   (formerly Ministry of Enviroment,Physical Plannig and Public Works )    (By the Directories of Technical Material Testing)





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