The company: NanoWin Ltd. MF nano, Innovative nanotechnology products, was founded in late 2010, after mature reflection of its owners, who for more than three (3) decades have been working through their other companies, in both design and construction Private, and Public Works, addressing the multitude of daily problems presented in those works. Addressing them, however, until recently was made with conventional and traditional methods, mostly with conventional materials.

The NanoWin Ltd., “came” to fill this gap.

Its purpose : to plan, design, and finally present products, based in nanotechnology, both in Greece and abroad.

Specifically then, the company promotes the products it manufactures and which can easily be classified as “green”, ecological, energy and generally “smart”, innovative and functional products, whilst providing high technology services.

Our main activity concernig the construction sector, has to do with:

  • Energetic improvement and designing new and existing buildings
  • Hydrorepellent coatings to create waterproof surfaces for easy cleaning, without using chemical or conventional materials.
  • Create hydrophobic but air permeable surfaces for sealing and addressing moisture problems.
  • Photocatalytic coatings aimed at self-cleaning surfaces, destruction of organic pollutants in interior and exterior air and sterile rooms where required.
  • Liquid insulation coatings to waterproof surfaces

Also we study and undertake conservation and restoration of our cultural inheritance.

To achieve our goals, we are working closely with Research Centers, Higher Educational Institutions in Greece and abroad. We are also in constant contact with distinguished professors and researchers as well as large multinational companies to develop continuously new products.

Beyond this, we are expanding in textile industry, cleaning services, etc . Finally, we have the necessary expertise and resources to develop innovative products to solve specialized problems that arise both in construction and in other areas where we operate.

The company is housed in a new privately owned buildings that include offices, professional workshops and warehouses.

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