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Useful advice for perfect results


Preparation of the surface for the application

To achieve the best possible result, the penetration of the substrate material, should be the maximum. This means in practice that the proper preparation of the surface to be applied is crucial.

As described in the technical and product sheets before you apply the material the surfaces must be carefully cleaned. Mechanical cleaning with water blasting, sandblasting or cleaning with strong chemicals can help in difficult cases. The rinse with water after the cleaning is necessary in order to remove any debris.

Equally important is that the surface is dry before application. The lower moisture it contents, the deeper penetration of the material is ensured within it and therefore better results and longer life. So, especially after the cleaning procedures, 1 to 3 days of suitable weather conditions may be needed in order to remove as much moisture as possible.


Equipment - tools - application - repeat application

It is critical, the equipment or the tools to be used, to be clean and dry. Depending on the material to be used, we distinguish the following cases:


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