Product description

This is a water based product, designed to to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the areas hosting pets. Applied to surfaces that are the pet's environment, such as concrete, marble, stone, tiles, walls, etc. After application, the surfaces are waterproofing and their cleaning is achieved easily and efficiently, without scrubbing and cleaning chemicals. The impurities of pets are not absorbed by surfaces and they are easily removed with water. The benefit relates not only to the pets but their owners as well, as they are not exposed to permanent homes of pathogens. Moreover the areas retain their original appearance since the formation of unwanted stains from the impurities is prevented.


Indented use

The product is suitable for:

  • Porches
  • Rooftops
  • Yards
  • Floors inside or outside tiles, mosaic, marble, cement, etc.
  • Walls painted or not, indoors and outdoors



  • The surfaces to be treated must be clean from dust, grease and various residues. So carefully cleaning is recommended. Common cleaning products can be used with following very good rinsing. The surface must be dry before applying the product
  • The product is sprayed from its own packaging to the entire surface. If the surfaces to be processed are relatively large, in order to save time and material, low-pressure sprays can be used or even roller, brush, etc. It is very important, the application equipment to be clean and dry, without residual material from previous use.
  • At first, apply a quantity of material, until the surface looks wet. The product required for subsequent apply (optional), which could be done before the first dry, is significantly less.
  • During application, the temperature should range between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The phenomenon of waterproofing starts when the surface is dry and maximized within 24 hours.



On average 120 gr. per square meter (m2) depending on the porosity and the kind of the substrate, as well as the application of the product.




  • Appearance:  Almost transparent, whitish liquid
  • Odour:          Almost odourless
  • Density:              1kg/lt.




Available in packages of 500ml and 1lt.


Shelf life and storage

Since the product is not exposed to direct sunlight and it is stored at temperatures between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius, it can be retained in its unopened packaging for 12 months since the production date.



  • Surfaces treated with easy® pet G have no change in appearance. Besides that, due to the waterproofing that takes place, they retain their original appearance for a long time, even beyond 5 years.
  • The phenomenon of odor observed when the surfaces are irrigating with impurities is prevented. Furthermore, it prevents the formation of greenery, molds and microorganisms in dark places.
  • It maintains water vapor permeability. This means that it doesn’t affect the ability of transpiration of the original surface. Thus, the potential trapped moisture is not prevented from exiting.
  • The amount of cleaning chemicals used in the care of pets areas, is minimized, since now, water is sufficient to remove  impurities.  So,  apart  from  any  other  use  of easy® pet G, it helps protect the environment by reducing the use of chemical cleaners.


The products of  NanoWin Ltd. are registered in the General Laboratory of the Greek State and in addition, they have undergone inspection & testing by:

    * Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks   (formerly Ministry of Enviroment,Physical Plannig and Public Works )    (By the Directories of Technical Material Testing)





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